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You've Lost Weight . . . Good For You But Does that Make You an Expert?  

Everyone has a story but I don't understand how a person gets wronged (hurt) in some way by someone close to them & decides to get revenge by losing weight, suddenly becomes an "expert" on health & fitness. #healthexpert #fitnessexpert

We ALL have issues and go through things that MAY cause us to lose weight but does that suddenly turn us into The Guru of Weight Loss? Channeling your frustration into exercise & diet over a break up does not mean it will last. In fact, what it most likely means is that once you're over it (the break up, the hurt) you'll go back to your old ways. #unhealthy

And how does REVENGE even define HEALTH? #revengebody

On the converse, I think this type of weight loss is VERY UNHEALTHY.

You don't really change your lifestyle to create something Healthy, you are just re-focusing your energy. The focus will likely change again and throw you into something else. Take for example the tv show "Biggest Loser." They may be the opposite . . . hurt and pain caused their over weight, out of control, obese situation BUT they change their environment and BOOM . . . serious weight loss. #biggestloser

Trust me ANYONE going from unlimited, out of control caloric intake with little to no movement taking place to controlled EVERYTHING . . . is going to lose weight, but is it really teaching them anything? Same in the regard that their Focus has been completely redirected. #weightloss

So WHY on earth do People follow either these people and see them as "inspirational?" I can almost Guarantee that both of these types will gain most of their weight back if not more. It's frustrating for those of us who walk the walk. The ones that actually have changed our lifestyle to focus on overall health. #healthy #healthylifestyle

What is this world coming to??

Are we that Superficial that we let these people guide us, inspire us?

Please don't be misguided!

Please understand that a Revenge Body is not the way to go about it.

Let someone who actually knows what they are doing through years of experience & focus guide you and inspire you. Someone realistic and not completely re-touched head to toe. Someone who takes a picture of their not so perfect self. Someone who does not allow body image to define them or their business.

Those are the people that really deserve the respect.

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