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Let's Talk Reality

What is it going to take to lose 1 lb per week?

Nothing else seems to be working . . . so maybe it's time to really dial it in.

There are a few things you can do to get this process started. For FUN, let's just assume that you eat REALLY WELL, (I wish I had a dollar for every time someone said that exact phrase to me) but maybe you have a little cheat once in awhile.

Wait, let's assume you eat really well but you have a cheat every day . . . sound more like it?


  • wine before, during, after dinner

  • ice cream before bed

  • a handful of chips - here & there


  • chips & guac

  • soda (UGH!!)

Clearly this list could go on. Now let's figure out how many calories you are adding to your weekly intake by eating or drinking that 1 thing.

A 5oz glass of wine after dinner every night yields 125 calories. Let's say you have more than 1 and maybe on Friday and Saturday night you have at least 3.

Do the math . . . it adds up over the week and now you're at about 3000 extra calories for the week just in wine. There's no nutritional value in these 3000 calories. They are basically just wasted caloric intake.

Maybe you're not a wine drinker, maybe it's Starbucks. A grande vanilla latte has, on average, 250 calories. Over the week those additional calories could equal 1,750 and UP. Again, wasted.

1 serving of chips & guacamole from Chipotle could equal up to 800 calories then add that to anything else you order from there. I mean you could be looking at a 1500 calorie meal or more. That is over half your recommended caloric intake for the day and you still have at least 2 additional meals & possibly a snack for the day.

The Point is this . . . these high calorie items are DEFINITELY making a difference in your weight loss or weight keep.

How about a TEST . . . pick just 1 of those cheats & eliminate it completely for 30 days, you will create a deficit in your intake & eventually start to see the scale change.

Seems like a lot of work to figure out the calories? Email me, Ask Me, Tell Me what your Cheat is and I will tell you how many calories you can save yourself each week. Not even sure how many calories you SHOULD be taking in, Contact me. I am HAPPY to help you.

Just a little Food For Thought!!

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