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Studio 30 offers a wide variety of classes to suit your schedule and your fitness needs. From Strength to Cardio to Outdoor Bootcamp to our AquaFitPartnership . . . We have something for EVERYONE! 

Kettlebell Fitness
           STUDIO 30 CLASSES


30 minute classes focused on a faster, more intense workout to get your body into its highest fat burning potential. Kettlebell, TRX, TRX / Ketttlebell Hybrid, HIIT Camp & Battle Ropes.**  Expect to see results in the first 30 days.

Rancho Boot Camp

We offer 4 week outdoor programs complete with fitness instruction and nutritional counseling. Our camps are packed with interval based training in many forms (resistance, cardio, body weight etc.) In addition we offer our unique design kettlebell boot camp. The perfect formula for burning fat and raising your metabolism.



Our NEW balance-and-strength based water workouts. Challenge yourself to maintain proper postural control and alignment while performing Exercises on the Aqua Body Strong boards. We also have Water ONLY based workouts. Easy on the Joints - Major Calorie Burn -  Increase Strength, Balance & Endurance while having the time of your life!

Big Wave
Personal Training
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Specialty classes are offered to target specific muscle groups and the Workshops guide us in our Overall Health and Wellness. 30 Minute Booty Blaster targets only the glutes and hamstrings to lift and tighten. Saturday Butt Kicker Boot Camp we use all kinds of fun toys: boxes, med balls, slam balls, tires, ropes, sleds, OH MY! Stretching, yoga, 6 Week Challenges. Check us out on FB for upcoming Workshops.

CrossFit Equipment
           ** SPARTAN TRAINING **


We have been running Spartan races for the last 4 years and have decided to offer up our HELP to anyone who would like to run their first Spartan Race. For one low price you will receive an 8 week Training Plan, Coaching, Nutrition and our SUNDAY FUNDAY (Weekly Group Workouts) to work on some of the more difficult obstacles. For more information on this 8 Week program please click the link.

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