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Cathy Gonzalez, Owner/Founder of Studio 30



Hey there! 


It's so important to know that the person training you and guiding you understands your circumstances . . . so I am going to tell you a little bit about my fitness journey so you can see for yourself that I completely understand your struggles with diet and motivation. 


I started off attending 5:30 am boot camp (although quite scared about it) AND at 32% body fat . . . even though I was in complete denial about it. In my eyes, I was in good shape. I worked out, went to the gym on a regular basis, ate healthy . . . what could this boot camp do for me that I can't do for myself? (I totally laugh when I think about my mind set going into it!)


Anyway . . . I COMMITTED . . . recommended by a close friend to try this particular class and committed with a friend because I had no idea how I was going to get up that early. We started and WOW what a journey it has become. 


I remember my first month! I thought I was going to DIE EVERY, SINGLE DAY. I would have to go home and sit down for a few minutes before getting my day started. I was sore EVERY DAY. In fact, EVERY inch of my body was SORE. I'm not even sure how I kept going. I think it was pure determination to NOT be sore. My thought was that if I stayed consistent it might not hurt as much to walk around.

By the 2nd month, I was already feeling better. Leaner, tighter muscles, more energy, more confidence  . . . really loving life more! I stayed consistent but still struggled with my diet, until one day . . . I FINALLY started listening to what they were telling me about how to eat and more importantly what NOT to eat. Folks, you can get as much advice as possible BUT until you actually apply it . . . well, it won’t work until you hit “APPLY.”

The funny thing is that diet is on the minds of everyone. We fool ourselves into thinking we “eat right” but when you are not losing you get frustrated . . . I’ve been there. I can help. I am currently at about 14% body fat and hold pretty steady there. I’ve been lower for competition purposes, but for me it’s a pretty comfortable place. So YES . . . I cut my body fat in HALF from my first day until now AND I can change it . . . up . . . down . . . ANY time I want because I totally understand the science behind it.

Not to mention, sickness and injury prevention. I have not been sick for YEARS. I don't get sick and the reason is 100% based off the food that goes into my body and the fact that I take care of myself physically. I do have athletic related injuries here and there but those things are to be expected when you push yourself. BUT as far as major health problems . . . NONE!

In the midst of all this, I stay active, I push myself to try new things and I have goals all year long to keep my motivation at a high level AND so that you have someone to look to for advice and motivation. If you see me doing it, you will want too eventually. 

I’ve trained for and ran various Half Marathons, different mud runs, Spartan Races, 5k and 10k races. I've done a few fitness competitions, run obstacle course style races, hike, organized & Run on several Ragnar Relays (200 Mile.12 Person Relay Team). Each year will bring new challenges. 

So, if you have questions about different races or if you need recommendations about what type might be good for you . . . just ask. Throughout the year I will also make recommendations on races that I like to do and will invite you to join me. I can help you with training for any of these types of races/competitions.


Lastly, I am committed to helping my community be and stay healthy. I sit on the Health and Wellness Committee for the Etiwanda School District. The well-being of our children is a big issue these days and this gives me the opportunity to bring a fresh, healthy perspective to school officials. I served on the E3 Foundation Board of Directors and am an active member of the Healthy RC Steering Committee where we work closely with the City manager's office to put together programs to help our City Be healthy. 


Bottom Line . . . . I'm here for you . . . to help you on YOUR fitness journey . . . to be a resource for you and to guide you and push you to be Healthy. 

Kettlebell Classes, Studio 30 The Kettlebell Fit Club
Kettlebell Classes, Studio 30 The Kettlebell Fit Club
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