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Take a Look at what actual clients, past and present, have to say about Cathy and her classes.


Boot Camp Reviews:


I Didn't Think I Could Ever Miss Exercising


"So I have to admit while I was hesitant when I first started boot camp (scared is more the word) I have become very fond of it! I didn't think I could ever miss exercising (ever!) but when I miss a day I actually feel bad... physically and emotionally! I know I'm the loud whiner in the back (LOL) but I honestly enjoy it! You are awesome for working with me and my weaknesses and injuries too! I wasn't able to do a lot of things before that I am able to do now. What I love the most is the fact that I NEVER know what the hour will hold. It's never the same so I never get bored and that makes the hour go by so quickly! And I still have the entire day ahead of me and I'm so energized too! I love how I feel and look! THANK YOU CATHY!!!" 

Gina B, Upland




I Got My Sexy Back


"Good news I have lost 15lbs . . . YEAH! Thank you Cathy for motivating me to get my sexy back!! I feel so much better!!"

Michelle S, Rancho Cucamonga

I Found My Way To Stay Healthy


"Other than my time off this summer, I celebrate one year at boot camp on Jan 2nd!  It makes me so happy that I've found a way to stay healthy that is easy (that is a relative term, I simply mean it is close in proximity and someone tells me what to do and I do it) and fun!  I am so pleased with my experience.   Cathy does a great job encouraging her campers and she always gives them the straight skinny...pun intended!  She offers sound advice, doles out diets, varies our workouts, has fitness challenges...Cathy does everything a good trainer should do."  

Andrea, Alta Loma

10 Perfect Push ups


"Boot Camp is the best! I literally could not do 1 push up when I first started. I felt terrible, but Cathy, my instructor, never made me feel bad. She was always encouraging me and now after being at camp for 8 weeks I can do 10 perfect push ups!! Woo Hoo!"

Gina B, Rancho Cucamonga



Boot Camp is Fun


"I love Cathy and her energy. She mixes things up and makes the workouts fun as well as just being an awesome trainer. Cathy really cares about her client which signifies a lot about her. I have lost 20 lb in my 3 months at camp by taking her advice to eat better, mix in some protein shakes and of course by exercising at camp. Love Cathy and brag about her all the time. I refer people all the time to give it a try."

Kerry, Rancho Cucamonga

Studio 30 Reviews:




"Amazing! Friends Fun and Fitness...these classes are the highlight of my week. Cathy is a great!"

Andrea B, Rancho Cucamonga




These classes are so amazing!


"These classes are so amazing! Cathy is not just a trainer, she motives you inspires you. She tells it like it is and most of all she really cares about you and your health she wants you to succeed and will push you to your limits and believe me you will see the results."

Caroline J, Rancho Cucamonga

Beginning Fun


"I just started these classes in October and Cathy makes it so much fun that you actually want to go to class. She is so motivating and helpful. These classes are great for a beginner or someone who is looking to get back into fitness. Besides Cathy everyone in the class is so motivating and very welcoming. Very excited to start 2016 with Cathy and her team."

Leta S, Upland

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