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Studio 30 has Partnered with
RSL Aquatics in Upland &
Together we Bring You
Our AquaFit Division
of Fitness.
These classes are all offered
in the water - using the NEW
Aqua Fitness Boards, Spin Bikes, Other 
Aquatic Equipment & the
Resistance of the Water!
SATURDAY at 8:15 am
(May 6th, June 3rd, July 8th & August 5th)
AquaFit 🏄🏽‍♀️ Bootcamp on the Boards: our AquaFit Boards
are tethered in the Big Pool & you can expect to do all types of boot camp exercises
on the Boards. From squats to pushups to using the water as your Outdoor Aquatic Boot Camp. (we ask everyone to complete the Boards Intro class prior to signing up for Boot camp)
AquaFit 🏊🏽‍♀️ S'WET: strength and cardio using the water
as your resistance with a sprinkle of Aqua fitness
AquaFit Boxing: The Aqua Combat Gloves
were made to increase water resistance providing
a major PUNCH of a Cardio Workout in the water. Kicking, 
Punching and Rebounding not only Strengthen
the muscles and joints, you will build up your
Cardiovascular Endurance. 
AquaFit SPIN: You guessed it . . . Spin bikes in the 
Water! The resistance of the water
creates a New Kind of Spin experience.
Taught by our Certified Spin Instructors.
AquaFit HIIT H20: In this class we combine the Core work 
of the AquaFit Boards with an array of other AquaFit 
equipment. You will find yourself switching between 
stations in a HIIT style using the Combat Gloves,
the Water and possibly a Land Exercise too. 
AquaFit For Seniors: water exercises using the body's
own weight for resistance. Water is easy on the Joints and
reduces risk of injury. 
Friday: 9am
Starts May12th
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to Book A Free Trial Class.
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A Trainer will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

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