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Workout of the Week

Yes . . . today is my birthday and I am turning 48 years old. I am very proud of my age (unlike others, age is a burden.) To me it's not. I am healthy and active and I think that makes a HUGE difference in how you view your age.

I thought that for today you would get a Birthday Workout from me. Have fun with this one!

Equipment needed: 8lb weights, mat, water.

warm up: complete a 5 to 8 minute warm up and do some of the stretches listed earlier down in the blog.

Workout: 48 reps of Everything But The Kitchen Sink

  • 24 squat, curl, press with weights (feet about hip width apart, squat keeping weights outside the feet trying to touch the tip of weight to the ground, when you come up you bicep curl the weights, then press them overhead going up on your toes)

  • 24 jumping jacks

  • 24 bicep curls

  • 24 mountain climbers (hands on ground, top of a push up position, knees to chest, count each leg)

  • 24 overhead press

  • 24 bicycle crunches

  • 24 sit ups

  • 24 jumping jacks

  • 24 squats

  • 24 mountain climbers

  • 24 forward alternating lunges

  • 24 bicycle crunches

  • short distance run 1/4 mile or 400 meters

  • REST 1 minute


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