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Workout - Modified "300"

Have you seen the movie 300 and all the hot

bodies? Their workout consisted of 300 exercises which got them into GREAT shape. I won’t kill you with their workout, instead I have a modified version for you. This workout is best done on a concrete wall or a hard surface such as a weight bench. This is the perfect workout for the park.

Modified Version of the “300” Workout:

15 dips (sit on a bench, planter or short wall, with your knees at a perfect 90 degree angle, place your hands on the bench next to you, holding yourself in place, step your feet out about 2 steps and dip your butt down as close to the floor as you can get, keeping your back as close to the wall/ bench as possible and be sure to bring your arms to a straight position when you come back up)

25 squats (feet shoulder width apart, squat down low keeping your back up straight, no leaning over, all the weight should be on your heels. squat down until your butt gets as low as your knee crease or a little lower.)

15 pushups (hands directly under your shoulders, core tight, you can also do these on a low wall as long as your chest touches the wall, these can be modified on your knees as well)

50 jumping jacks

20 mountain climbers (get in the top of push up position on your hands, keep your body completely straight as a board, no butt in the air, run in place driving your knees up to your chest, count each leg)

10 close grip pushups (fan out your hands, with your thumbs touching, place your hands on the ground in that position, complete a push up keeping your thumbs touching, keep the elbows in close to the body, this works your triceps muscles)

15 dips (same as first exercise)

1 minute rest

REPEAT (1 more time will equal 300 exercises, but you should repeat this circuit at least 3 times with a 1 to 2 minute rest in between)

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