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Warm Ups and Stretches


Option #1:

Ladders for 8 minutes: count your right leg only, walk counting 10 paces, jog counting 10 paces, walk counting 20 paces, jog counting 20 paces . . . . continue this up to 60 walking and jogging paces.

Option #2:

Set your phone timer for 30 second intervals. Do 30 seconds of each exercise, minimal rest.

  • Jumping jacks

  • High knees in place

  • Squats

  • Mountain climbers (hands on ground, in high plank position, tight abs, drive knees high toward chest)


  • Jumping jacks

  • Butt kicks in place

  • Squats

  • Push ups


  • REPEAT one more time for a 10 minute warm up

Option #3:

Stairs for 8 minutes: preferably at least 20 steps. start by walking up the stairs and back down 3 to 4 times, then start a slow jogging up and down, repeat this for 8 minutes with minimal rest.


The following are some very basic stretches as you prepare for your workout. As always, while you are doing these stretches if you feel pain in an area . . . STOP what you are doing immediately and consult a physician before continuing with your workout program. You can also email me for some non-medical advice at

Feel free to email me if you have other questions or have an injury and you are concerned about doing certain exercises. As well, if you need a modification for an exercise and its not listed here, let me know.

​Runners Stretch

  1. Take a big step out with the right foot, bend the front knee, back leg straight, place both hands on ground on either side of foot, make sure the bent knee is parallel to your ankle and not pushing out over your toe.

  2. Move both hands to the inside of the front foot and lower the back knee closer to the ground for a hip flexor stretch.

  3. Step in the back leg and straighten both knees (as best you can) to stretch both hamstrings. Stand up and switch to other leg. Do about 4 on each leg.

Quad Stretch

Stand on the right leg, bend the left leg until you can grab and hold behind you. This stretches your quad muscles of the bent leg. Raise the right arm straight above your head and stand tall pointing the bent knee towards the ground. Hold for 15 seconds. Switch legs. Repeat each leg 4 times.

Shoulder Hugs​

Cross over your arms in front of your body, reaching your hands toward the opposite shoulder (like a hug), open them up out straight, and repeat placing opposite arm on top. repeat 10 times.

Shoulder Rolls

1 arm at a time: bring your arm up to your ear and rotate it backwards slowly so you get as much range of motion as possible, follow with the opposite arm. Do this several times then repeat going the opposite direction.

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