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The world we live in now is all about "the Review." Whether it's Yelp, Google, Facebook or all the other online lists people look up to find out about a business. We put so much stock in what others say and think of a business, it WILL Influence our decision to go to that business. It's very interesting to be a business owner in 2019!

A business is either made or broken not only by the philosophy of the Owner BUT how well the Owner can communicate said philosophy to others. You can have the BEST mindset and a Solid Business Plan in place but if you CAN'T get that across to the people . . . . You Fail.

If YOU Fail . . . eventually the Business WILL Fail. A Business is like a wheel, it can be broken and continue to turn but only for awhile. Eventually it will completely BLOW OUT.

So how do you (the Business Owner) not only get your Amazing Philosophy across to your Clients (those who will Review you) BUT also Maintain that Level of Consistency within your Business?????

First . . . #1 . . . and MOST IMPORTANT . . . you MUST Love what you Do. (it sounds cliche, BUT it's true)

It can't be about the dollar . . . It must be about the actual experience. Your business must be about something that you Love because it will never feel like work. I love giving my Clients the Best Workout Every Single Time. I pride myself in making sure they walk away going . . . "WOW, How can She Top that One!?!?"

HAHA . . . for almost 10 years My Clients have been saying that.

But Because I LOVE what I do, I am always motivated to sit down on Sunday's and spend my entire day putting together workouts for each class for the week. That LEVEL of Commitment from ME is what they Expect and What they Get.

Which leads me to the second aspect of getting your Amazing Philosophy across to your clients . . . . This can be a Tough one!


I MUST put out an AMAZING Product





It's hard sometimes BUT that is the Level I want My Business to be at. If I stay at a consistently High Level . . . Everyone Else Will Follow. It's MY Business. I can't expect anyone else to do anything I am Not Willing to do.

For example, Healthy Eating . . . I could eat like shit every day and tell everyone else to eat Healthy. What kind of example is that?

Or how about how I treat People . . . if I talked crap about certain clients & praised others to the Trainers (business owners do this) eventually the Trainer will develop a negative interaction with certain clients & favor others. We Do NOT do this. Everyone is treated the same. We call you by Name, We Greet you with Open Arms, We Welcome Everyone In, Everyone Feels Included . . . Every Time!

THE Leader Must Be A Leader!

So if I can Effectively do these things . . . I will get my Amazing Philosophy across to everyone I come in contact with and to everyone who walks into my business Thus creating an environment that will warrant EXCELLENT REVIEWS.

Because these Reviews are so coveted by others in their decision making, We (the Business Owners) Win!

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