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Attitude is Everything . . . Negative or Positive, It's all About How You Look at IT.

Whatever IT is.

Your Diet, your Health, Running, Working Out, Your Job, Your Relationships.

Whatever Attitude you have about IT, is exactly how IT'S going to turn out.

Of course, I see it more in diet but I know it applies because I get that way about running at times.

I'll give you an example . . . Someone, anyone, maybe You comes to me asking for diet advice. I do my best to give you what you ask for and you come back with, "I don't, I can't, I won't." You get the idea.

It's so frustrating to me because I just want You to succeed. I truly want you to meet your goals. I can't pick you up every morning to get you to class.

(Although we have joked about the "Boot Camp Bus" that would pick everyone up in the mornings to get them to class. No seats. Everyone has to squat hold . . . LOL!)

I can't follow you around all day & tell you what to eat. I mean I could, but it would be very expensive for you. So because I can't do it for you, I have to stand back and watch.

My point is this, if you start off with a negative attitude about any part of your nutrition . . . It's NOT GOING to Work. That negative is leaving you with an out.

"I knew it wouldn't work, I didn't like this one tiny little thing so it just wasn't right."

Ugh!! Stop it!!

If you want to lose weight CHANGE your attitude about IT.

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