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New Year, New You . . . I Can Help!

We are already half way through the first month of the year. How's your motivation . . . on target? Uh, not so much?

Either way, it's okay!

If you're on target . . . good for you! Keep it up. Keep pushing. Stay focused.

If you're "not so much" . . . you CAN fix it!

Either way, whichever category you fall into you NEED a GOAL. Something fun and attainable. Let me suggest a 5k (or something longer/ bigger if you already run!)

We are in January, find a Fun, Interesting looking 5k in March or April (if you need help, let me know) and register for it. Once you're committed find a friend (or 2) to do it with you. Having a training buddy is always a huge help and motivator.

Once you finish, it you will feel completely accomplished and will be looking for your next one, I promise!

I already have several things on my list (all paid for and scheduled) so there is no turning back. A few of us ran the San Onofre Run The Bluffs 12k last Saturday.

Here are the others:

Spartan Sprint January 29th

Ragnar April 7 & 8th

World Famous Mud Run June 6th

MCRD Bootcamp Challenge October 14th

There will be more as the year progresses. You are welcome to Join Me. In fact, I will update everyone via the Meet Up Site. Look up Fitness Fun Boot Camp Adventure Series and ask to Join.

If you need any help . . . . let me know!


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