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Just Me On My Soap Box

Have you seen these claims . . . .

"Lose 23 Pounds in 21 Days." Or now the latest fad making the rounds on the Internet is the "3 Week Diet."

How about . . . they post a before and after picture but won't tell you what it is . . . the mystery that can only be divulged via a private message?

COME ON!! I'm sooooooo tired of all these get-lean-quick diet fads.

I think my ALL TIME FAVORITE is the WRAP . . . IT WORKS.

SERIOUSLY, give me a break.

I don't care if the Kardashians support it, back it, push it . . . they did NOT get the bodies they have (or don't have) from using that crap. They pay good money to create what they have. Girls, guys, I'm sorry, but is it not obvious that

  • loosing 20 pounds in a short amount of time is NEITHER healthy NOR sustainable.

  • the promise to lose weight without diet or exercise is JUST a promise?

I have spoken to and worked with many clients who have failed with exercise and dieting and fell for scams like these. I know how those repeated failures crush your spirit and your belief that you can change things. I know how you can be vulnerable to these promises that you could skirt reality and that some magic pill would solve the problem for you. Believe me, you can lose weight and get in shape. But it won't be with by paying someone or buying something to make it easy for you. The very first thing you need to do is give up the idea that something is going to come along that will allow you to avoid learning how to control your eating and allow you to skip exercise. Take responsibility for your body.



(jumping down off the box)

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