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Carbs = Insulin = Fat Accumulation = Weight Gain

Does the equation make sense to you?

Cookies, cakes, white breads, sugary cereals, donuts, ice cream, sugary drinks (including alcohol) . . . These are all carbs. They are stripped down of all their nutrients and fiber and lack protein. Both protein and fiber are important factors in a speedy metabolism.

These carbs raise blood sugar levels (insulin) and promote inflammation associated with chronic illness. All of these factors alter the body's metabolism and causes the slow down of your fat burning potential aka. Thermic affect.

Let me break it down even further . . . When your metabolism slows down you don't burn your calories. They instead store themselves in your fat cells causing weight gain!

How about some healthy swaps so you don't end up "eating the wall" . . . Poor baby!

Swap white breads, white flour, cookies and cakes for unprocessed, quality carbs like fruits, beans, quinoa, couscous.

I have plenty of recipes to help guide in my 20 Plus Recipe EBook. Email me for your Free Download!

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