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Workout of the Week:

This one is called an AMRAP: As Many Rounds As Possible in a certain amount of time. This one will be a 20 Minute AMRAP. Be sure to complete a good 10 minute warm up and a few minutes of stretching before doing this workout.

Find a location where you can complete 15 walking lunges in a straight line.

1 Round is:

15 walking lunges

8 Chest to Deck Burpees

15 walking lunges (back to where you started)

8 push ups

Just keep lunging back and forth and completing the burpees and push ups at either side. To kick it up a notch you could add 8 to 10 lb weights and carry them overhead for the lunges. (lock out your elbows and hold the weights directly above your shoulders.)

This workout could be done anywhere . . . on vacation, at home, on a business trip, in a small place, in a park, at the beach . . . . anywhere! Regardless, it will be effective.

Let me know how it goes.

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