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Workout Of The Week

Here are some hard but simple ways to get stronger. Time yourself for each set of reps, log it down so you know how many you did on what day. Give yourself a few days in between to rest specific muscle groups and then do it again and try to get faster. Keep the log running so you can constantly track yourself. If you need advice or guidance on how to faster / stronger send me an email for help.

  • 100 Jumping Jacks

  • 100 Push ups

  • 100 squats

  • 100 sit ups

  • 50 burpees (stand tall, hands to ground, feet out into a plank position, keep your abs tight, feet jump back into hands, stand, jump up at the top) *That is just one version. You can do any version but when you time yourself again be sure to do the same version.*

  • 1 mile run

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