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Welcome to Studio 30!

Burn More FAT in Just 30 Minutes!


Its proven that muscle burns fat and that is exactly what these 30 Minute classes are designed to do. They are short and sweet but to the point! Kettlebells allow for us to complete ballistic strength exercises in a combination of movements . . . which means you can work multiple muscle groups in just one exercise. You build muscle and burn fat at the same time AND kettlebells come in all different weights, so if that 15lb kb you are swinging doesn't seem to be doing the trick anymore . . . you increase the weight and WOW, its a whole new workout!


What do they consist of?? Every day is different! Yep, we change it up to keep your muscles from figuring us out. From individual challenges to partner workouts to team funning.


What else do we offer? Nutrition counseling, Personal Training, Saturday Butt Kicker Boot Camp, Stretching, AND check calendar for newly added classes. Your First Class is ALWAYS FREE so contact us to schedule it

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