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Sickness . . . Eeek!

As I'm driving to Arizona to pick up my baby from college, I felt so compelled to write this to you . . . I had to stop (and get coffee.)

I have talked to and heard from so many people who are sick. I mean, sick for weeks and NOT getting better. Several who have been to the doctor and given meds . . . And nothing . . . Not better, not getting better!

There are many directions I want to go on this topic but I will spare you my ranting and just give you the dirty overview.  In fact, if you want more information or are sick and want my help, message me. 

Have you ever heard anyone say, "Your food is your medicine?" Does it sound corny or quirky? Like you say to yourself . . . Come On?!!

Well friends . . . IT'S TRUE AND I CAN PROVE IT . . . . How? I am living proof!

I  DON'T get sick. 

Have not been sick in years! 

Literally, no flu, no cough, nothing and I would NEVER get a flu shot. (I wish I had been better educated about the vaccines when my kids were little! A topic for another day.)

The food you eat, the alcohol you drink makes you sick! 

Here's the realization  . . . If you are sick or still sick . . . whatever you are doing IS NOT working! I told someone this morning you need to make a drastic change in order to get better! 

I can help! My help and advice are FREE on this topic! If you message me and tell me you're sick and want my help . . . It will be FREE!! 

Otherwise . . . Stay sick . . . Harsh but True! No seriously,  I want to help you get better so if you're frustrated, get in touch with me. Xoxo


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