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Shoes 101

If I asked you what you thought about the tread on this shoe . . . Most people would say, "Looks good to me!" 

Inspect it closely and look for my "wear" pattern. 

I have worn these for the majority of my Ragnar Training and used them today for a very short uphill run. I knew immediately it was time for a retirement plan.  When you feel every single crack and cranny in the sidewalk and a little twinge where you didn't before  . . . Its time!!

Mind you, they may be subtle little things right now, but I know that if I continue in them I will be facing potential injury. 

Don't worry,  I have 2 other pairs in my rotation so I'm good BUT most people don't pay attention to these small details.  

Seriously,  I have people come to camp regularly with over worked, old shoes and even though I tell them it's time for new shoes  . . . They don't listen.  

Then what . . . My knee hurts, my hip hurts . . . I don't know why! (I know why)

Now take a look at this tread and compare it to the top one. Same exact style and brand of shoes just newer. 

See the difference? In contrast you definitely see the difference whereas just looking at the top picture you didn't.  

So, pay attention to your foot and how it feels in the shoe. If you notice changes, new aches or pains it's probably time for new ones and please don't wear them for a year and tell me they're  new! 

In health,


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