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Runner Visibility

Hey Runner Friends -

We assume everyone practices good runner safety BUT unfortunately not everyone does.  

I know this because I teach an early boot camp class (5:30 am) which puts me on the city streets about 5am. 

I had no idea people ran that early but the last few years, I've seen an increase in early morning runners. So PLEASE, I'm begging you to realize that if are not wearing something to identify yourself in the dark . . . Driver's CAN NOT see you until they get right up to you. 

I've been startled multiple times with runners on Milliken and on Banyan running on the street. I completely understand the running on the street part because the trail and sidewalk is not well lit, but the street lights don't illuminate you until your under it.

Again this morning, I saw people running on Baseline . . . On the street . . . With no identifiable markings. I saw the guy because he was already at the light but the female was still on the street & luckily I anticipated an additional runner, so I made the turn with caution. 

With all of that being said . . . There is an easy fix . . . Nathan makes these awesome arm bands that light up (has multiple colors, flashes or steady) and is like $10. I bought one a few years ago for my night run during Ragnar and it's the best. It doesn't bother me when I run which is most important to me. 

Go see our friends at Fleet Feet,  they can help you. 

So please, if you're a seasoned runner, a newbie or just a casual runner don't take your safety for granted. Be aware of the cars because trust me, being a runner myself, the drivers are not practicing pedestrian safety. 

Light yourself up!! 

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