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Dairy . . . Good or Bad? You decide.

It didn't used to be like this. In fact, we encouraged parents to give their kids milk and some still do BUT is it really that good for you these days?

I highly recommend going dairy free and here's why . . .

Problem #1: Hormones

Dairy contains estrogen from female cows. Nowadays, cows are being fed hormones through the feed/grain/corn to enhance their growth. Faster growth means more milk production.

Our bodies adjust to the added hormones and it affects our estrogen and testosterone levels causing health issues like acne. If your kids have some serious acne issues there is a possibility that dairy is the culprit. Try eliminating dairy for 4 weeks and see if it makes a difference.

Problem #2: Insulin

Cow's milk is basically sugar water with additives. It will spike your insulin levels and add pounds to your waste line. A diabetic should stay away from dairy because of the high sugar content. Read the label, if you're unsure. 12 to 15 grams of sugar per serving.

Now if you are a baby cow that intends to gain over 1,000 pounds, then you're good. Otherwise, not good.

So what's the alternative? Nut Milk! Almond Milk, Cashew Milk.

Ever tried them?

Try making your own:

1 cup of raw nuts

2 - 3 cups of water (vapor distilled or something pure)

Soak nuts in water overnight.

Drain, put nuts in blender and add 2 cups of the pure water. Blend until smooth. Strain to remove pulp. (They have nut milk bags for this.)

You can put the pulp back in blender with the other cup of water to blend more.

Add vanilla or cinnamon or nutmeg for different variations. Honey for sweetness.

It will last about 3 days. Organic nuts are best.

Try it! Let me know how it comes out.

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