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Congratulations on your choice to Get Fit and Be Healthy! Please download the Welcome Letter for the class you registered outlining directions and important  information for your first day. As well, please print, complete and bring with you the Medical Information sheet and Liability Waiver, on your first day of class. You will not be able to participate in your first day without all your documents in order.


If you have any questions at all please feel free to contact Cathy at 909-957-2358. I look forward to meeting you!

            UPLAND BOOT CAMP


5:30 am Upland Boot Camp



5:30 am Rancho Boot Camp

8:30 am Rancho Boot Camp




Upland Boot Camp

Welcome Letter

Liability Waiver

Rancho 5:30 am  Welcome Letter

Rancho 8:30 am  Welcome Letter

Liability Waiver

Kettlebell Classes

Welcome Letter

Liability Waiver

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