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The kettlebell allows for an entire set of ballistic strength exercises in a combination of fluid movements without stopping. Unlike most strength training exercises that isolate single muscle groups, kettlebell training allows you to achieve a solid cardio 

workout while simultaneously building full body strength.


Kettlebell training is proven to engage more muscles during a session resulting in a leaner shape than any other workout program. So I say to you . . . why wouldn’t you want to give it a try???

Kettlebell Classes, Studio 30 The Kettlebell Fit Club
Kettlebell Classes, Studio 30 The Kettlebell Fit Club



We also offer 2 boot camp classes: 5:30 am five days per week in Rancho and Upland


All Boot Camps are 4 week outdoor programs that offer fitness instruction, nutritional counseling and motivational training. Our camps are packed with fun and energizing activities designed to help you reach your fitness goals. You can commit to 3 or 5 days per week or you can purchase an Unlimited package giving you access to boot camp and kettlebell classes 6 days per week.  

Kettlebell Classes, Studio 30 The Kettlebell Fit Club


Now offering TRX workouts. This single training tool offers a multitude of exercises. The difficulty of each exercise can be adjusted by simply making small adjustments to your body positioning. 

As well, suspension training allows you to change your center of gravity to continually challenge the muscles. It's an awesome addition to our current calendar of classes.

These classes are bought in Blocks of 10 & must be scheduled in advance to hold your spot.

            6 WEEK CHALLENGE


Diet is Number 1! You can workout all day but if you don't eat Clean you're wasting your time.


Our 6 Week Challenge Includes:

 Unlimited Fitness Classes

 Customized Meal Plan

 Weigh In / Measurements / Body Fat

 Weekly Check Ins

 Exclusive FB Group for Daily Motivation

 Weigh Out 


We offer a combination of Services to help you meet your Fitness and Wellness Goals. We are committed to your SUCCESS.

Kettlebell Classes, Studio 30 The Kettlebell Fit Club



Now you can Train with us from anywhere

Our 30 Minute Kettlebell class is offered via Zoom 2 nights per week. 

You can Schedule & Pay for 

your class through our

App. An email with the Zoom link is

immediately emailed to you.

Log in from home or even from

your phone to

Join a Class. 



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