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Nutritional Guide




We don't DIET . . . we eat healthy. Your nutrition plays a huge part in your overall well being, in fact sickness and pain can be eliminated through proper nutrition. Nutritional Programs range from Guidance to Change your Diet to Grocery Shopping Tours to help you buy healthy and to a complete In Home Kitchen Raid. 


Diet is Number 1! You can workout all day but if you don't eat Clean you're wasting your time.


Just to clarify . . . We DON'T DIET . . . we eat real, healthy foods and drink lots of water. Truly that is ALL you need to not only lose weight BUT to cleanse your body of sickness and pain. The focus is on working over you metabolism to create the weight loss affect everyone desires.



This amazing program consists of an Initial One on One Consultation to asses YOUR Goals, Our Customized 6 Week Challenge Diet Plan, UNLIMITED Fitness Classes during the 6 Weeks, Full Accountability with weekly Weigh-ins and our EXCLUSIVE Private FB Group to keep you Motivated & Connected.


This is a 6 Week, Intense Program that GUARANTEES results!  $197

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